Sch​​ema Markup viewing and Comparison tool

With the schema testing and comparison tool you could scan two pages, For example: between Yours and your competitor, or between pages of your own website, pages on your competitor website, and see a detailed comparison between the schemas found on these pages and with that opportunity for relevant schemas to add.

Schema Markup Testing Tool

Add URL or JSON-LD below and click View my Schema to see the Schemas on the page or code.

compare schemas between pages

Most common schemas discovered on pages

Frequently Asked Questions

How to compare pages with schemas?

on the schema comparison page add a URL of two pages you would like to compare and click on Compare schema, scroll down to see a which schemas are presented on each page and the structure of each schema, using this tool can help you get ideas of schemas that might be presented on your competitors page but not yours and might be relevant

How to use the schema markup test tool?

Add a URL or paste a JSON-LD code into the box and click Validate My Schema

Schema markup testing tool user interface with validation button
Schema Markup VS Structured Data

Schema Markup also known as Structured data is a code you can place on your website to help the search engines understand your website and individual webpage. It enables search engines to present more informative results to their users.